Monday, January 1, 2018

Doughnut Chart in Tableau

Option 1: Use Two Pie Charts

Step 1: Create a pie chart
  1. In Tableau Desktop, connect to Superstore sample data.
  2. Under Marks, select the Pie mark type.
  3. Drag Customer Segment to Color.
  4. Drag Sales to Size.
  5. Click Label, and then select Show mark labels.
  6. Resize the pie chart as desired.
Step 2: Switch to the dual-axis chart
  1. Drag Number of Records to Rows.
  2. Drag Number of Records to Rows again.
  3. On Rows, right-click both instances of Number of Records, and then select Measure(Sum) > Minimum.
  4. On Rows, right-click the second instance of Number of Records, and then select Dual Axis.
Step 3: Change the second pie chart to a circle
  1. At the bottom of the Marks card, click MIN(Number of Records) (2).
  2. Remove Customer Segment from Color.
  3. Remove Sales from Size.
  4. Click Color, and then choose the same color as the background. In this example, click white.
  5. Click Size, and then drag the slider to the left to make the circle smaller.
  6. Drag Sales to Label.
  7. Right-click on each of the axes and uncheck Show Header.
Option 2: Use One Pie Chart and an Image File
You can also create a pie chart as in Step 1 above, add it to a dashboard, and place a circular .png image over the middle.

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