Thursday, May 1, 2008

Discoverer Vs DBI

Advantages of DBI

• Easy and simple reporting
• Over 40 Overview pages and 900 pre-canned reports available
• Complete cross-module visibility from Oracle single sign-on.
• Drill features Integrated with the ERP modules into Order Management, Procurement, Purchasing etc.
• Easy to maintain and refresh objects
• All reports Web enabled and user friendly.
• No Additional software or end-user training is needed to use it. (Html reports)
• Very efficient and reports render in a very short time. (no performance issues!)
• Use Apps security model and integrated with Apps.
• Users can customize pages and reports based on other existing DBI content.

Advantages of BIS

• Ad-Hoc Query capability, to create custom workbooks based on needs.
• More than a 1000 folder items and 200 reports.
• Folders based on the Transactional tables available, so data is current.

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